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Book summary of Blaze (Steel Brothers Saga 21) by Helen Hardt

Donny Steel lives a charmed life. He’s a successful attorney, in love with the woman of his dreams, and a member of the Steel family. But while Snow Creek’s golden family seems perfect on the outside, how many skeletons lurk in the Steel closet? Each day, Donny finds more and more evidence of foul play while dredging up his own past—something better left forgotten. Callie Pike never imagined Donny Steel could fall in love with her, and she desperately wants to revel in their blazing passion. If only her own past hadn’t returned to torment her. Why now? What does it all mean? Is it somehow related to the attempt on Talon Steel’s life? Or the fire that destroyed her family’s livelihood? As scattered pieces of evidence crop up in unlikely places, Donny and Callie work to find the common thread to pull everything together. But someone clearly wants to destroy them, and laws, ethics, and locked doors don’t seem to be standing in the way.

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  • Title: Blaze (Steel Brothers Saga 21)
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