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Something about a piping hot soup ladled into a bowl signifies total comfort. Maybe it’s the aroma of a rich stew simmering on the stovetop or the pleasure of spooning into a velvety cream soup. Or maybe it’s simply the ease of creating a hearty soup that serves as a one-dish meal, or making a large pot of stew to feed a crowd. Convenience is key when you make a soup in the slow cooker or the pressure cooker. With these Cooking Light recipes, comfort doesn’t mean excessive calories or fat, only simple satisfaction. Please note that this product is an authorized edition published by the Dotdash Meredith Corporation and sold by Amazon. This edition is printed using a high quality matte interior paper and printed on demand for immediate fulfillment.

✔ Author(s):
✔ Title: Cooking Light Soups & Stews
✔ Rating : 4.6 out of 5 base on (30 reviews)
✔ ISBN-10: B0CGTQ5W58
✔ ISBN-13: 978B0CGTQ5W52
✔ Language: English
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Readers' opinions about Cooking Light Soups & Stews by The Editors of Cooking Light

Thea Bell
I'm still in awe of the intricate plot and the way everything seamlessly came together. The twists kept me guessing until the very end. It's one of those rare books that leave a lasting impact.
Virginia Savage
The author's writing style is so captivating; I couldn't put the book down. Every sentence was beautifully crafted, and the descriptions painted vivid images in my mind. A true literary gem.
Kara Snyder
I'm already planning to reread this book. It's one of those stories that you can revisit again and again, discovering new layers of meaning each time.

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