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Exiles by Jane Harper is a historical fiction novel set in the 19th century. The book follows the journey of a group of convicts and a young woman as they are exiled from England to the harsh landscape of Australia.

The story is centered around a group of characters who are all grappling with the harsh realities of their situation. The main character, Kieran, is a convict who is trying to redeem himself after committing a crime. Meanwhile, the young woman, Audrey, is seeking refuge in Australia to escape her troubled past.

The novel explores themes of survival, redemption, and the harsh realities of life in 19th century Australia. The author expertly captures the atmosphere of the time and place, transporting readers to a time of great change and hardship.

The characters are well-drawn and complex, and the author does an excellent job of bringing their stories to life. The relationships between the characters are also expertly portrayed, with a sense of tension and unease underlying their interactions.

The author's writing style is engaging and immersive, making it easy for readers to get lost in the world she has created. The pacing of the novel is also well-done, with a good balance of action and introspection.

The novel raises important questions about justice, punishment, and redemption, and will leave readers thinking long after they finish reading. The story is a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit, even in the face of adversity.

The novel is suitable for readers of all ages, and will appeal to anyone who enjoys historical fiction or stories of survival and redemption. It is a must-read for fans of Jane Harper's previous works.

Overall, Exiles is a beautifully written and compelling novel that explores themes of survival, redemption, and the human spirit. The author's skillful writing and attention to detail make it a standout work of historical fiction.

The novel is set during the mid-19th century, a time of great change and upheaval in Australia. It is a time when convicts were being transported to the country, and the land was being transformed by the arrival of new settlers.

The characters in the novel are complex and well-drawn, with their own unique backstories and motivations. The author does an excellent job of developing these characters over the course of the story, making them feel like real people.

The novel is a gripping and suspenseful read, with plenty of twists and turns to keep readers engaged. The author's descriptive writing style and attention to detail also help to create a vivid and immersive reading experience.

Exiles is a powerful novel that explores important themes such as justice, redemption, and the power of the human spirit. It is a must-read for fans of historical fiction, and is sure to leave a lasting impression on readers.

The novel has received critical acclaim since its release, with many praising the author's skillful writing and the depth of her characters. It is a well-deserved accolade for a book that is both beautifully written and emotionally resonant.

Overall, Exiles is a must-read for anyone who enjoys historical fiction or stories of survival and redemption. The author's skillful writing and attention to detail make it a standout work of fiction that will stay with readers long after they finish reading.

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✔ Title: Exiles
✔ Rating : 4.3 out of 5 base on (8297 reviews)
✔ ISBN-10: B09XL72RWP
✔ ISBN-13: 978B09XL72RW2
✔ Language: English
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Readers' opinions about Exiles by Jane Harper

Thea Bell
I must confess, this book made me shed tears like never before. The themes of love, loss, and resilience struck a chord with my soul. It was an emotional journey I'm grateful to have taken.
Melody Blake
This book has reignited my passion for reading. It reminded me of the sheer joy that can be found in losing oneself in the pages of a good story. I can't wait to explore more books now.
Polly Hurlbutt
The plot was incredibly well-crafted, with twists and turns that kept me hooked until the very last page. It was impossible to predict what would happen next.

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