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Do you want to know what is Japanese mythology? Are you acquainted with what occurred when Izanami was down in the underworld? Do you know why Amaterasu is so significant in Japanese mythology? If yes, then you are in the right place. Japanese myth has played a crucial role in more practical aspects, notably a political and social charter. The lmbe and Takahashi families competed for the job of imperial household chef in the early ninth century. Each used their clan tales as evidence to support their assertions. This book makes exploring this large yet little-known legendary realm simple. The book analyses comparable mythology of the Ainu and Okinawan civilizations and newer myths coming from Japan's contacts with modernity and shows the roots of Japan's myths in the very distinct domains of Shinto, Buddhism, and folklore. In this book, you'll cover the following topics: A brief Introduction The Making of Japan Japanese traditions and history Themes, constructs, and deities (A to Z Alphabetically) And much more…. The book provides detailed retellings of key Shinto and Buddhist mythology and accounts of important historical individuals, symbols, rites, and events.

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✔ Title: Japanese Mythology
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