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This book is a testimony to how God is both intimately involved in each of our lives, yet bigger than this globe we temporarily call home. As we travel to the farthest corners of the earth, there is nowhere we can go that God’s presence doesn’t go with us. The words on these pages are meant to be a companion on that journey— keeping our hearts ever moving toward the One who orders our steps. Written for those who have made their homes on foreign soil, Liturgies and Laments for the Sojourner: Volume One is a collection of prayers that creates moments of worship out of the not-so-ordinary moments of expat life.With liturgies for packing, culture shock, visas and immigration, language learning, homesickness, and other cross-cultural experiences, those living abroad will be reminded that they aren’t alone in their struggles and that they can find God’s presence in the midst of them. Unlike us, God is not bound by borders, time zones, languages, or visa stamps. We trust that He will meet you in these pages, wherever you are in the world.What others are saying about the book:"This book should be given to every new worker at their pre-field orientation. It gives words to so many things we all experience day after day while living and serving cross-culturally." — Matthew, ATCK and Member Care provider with 20+ years lived abroad"For any stage of life, each liturgy has something to say to those of us struggling to put words to our feelings. Even though I have lived abroad for well over a decade, these liturgies were exactly what I needed and brought me to tears with every sentence. " — Caitlin, expat for 16 years in Germany and England"I believe this book is an invaluable resource for the Church and the sojourner. I found it a source of encouragement and direction of prayer for the many complexities that are hard to put into words while living cross culturally." — Jessica, expat for 13 years in Kenya and Iraq"It's the perfect prayer book for anyone who lives abroad, is thinking about living abroad, or loves someone who lives abroad." — Clare, expat for 2 years in Lebanon"It has given me a deeper insight into hardships, longings, joys, and sorrows experienced by those living outside their own culture. It will help to form my prayers for them and those they are serving." — Rachel, close friend of several families serving overseas

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✔ Title: Liturgies and Laments for the Sojourner
✔ Rating : 4.9 out of 5 base on (49 reviews)
✔ ISBN-13: 978B0BXN8XJQ4
✔ Language: English
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Readers' opinions about Liturgies and Laments for the Sojourner by Alicia Boyce

Sydney Richardson
The way the author handled complex emotions and relationships was remarkable. I felt deeply connected to the characters, and their growth throughout the story was both inspiring and moving.
Rosa Bax
The rich historical context of the book added a layer of depth that I found fascinating. It was like stepping back in time and experiencing history firsthand.
Tasha Cobbett
The plot was so well-paced that I lost track of time while reading. I was completely immersed in the story, eagerly turning the pages to uncover the next twist.

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