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Summer 1995: Ten-year-old Joan, her mother, and her younger sister flee her father’s explosive temper and seek refuge at her mother’s ancestral home in Memphis. This is not the first time violence has altered the course of the family’s trajectory. Half a century earlier, Joan’s grandfather built this majestic house in the historic Black neighborhood of Douglass—only to be lynched days after becoming the first Black detective in the city. Joan tries to settle into her new life, but family secrets cast a longer shadow than any of them expected. As she grows up, Joan finds relief in her artwork, painting portraits of the community in Memphis. One of her subjects is their enigmatic neighbor Miss Dawn, who claims to know something about curses, and whose stories about the past help Joan see how her passion, imagination, and relentless hope are, in fact, the continuation of a long matrilineal tradition. Joan begins to understand that her mother, her mother’s mother, and the mothers before them persevered, made impossible choices, and put their dreams on hold so that her life would not have to be defined by loss and anger—that the sole instrument she needs for healing is her paintbrush. Unfolding over seventy years through a chorus of unforgettable voices that move back and forth in time, Memphis paints an indelible portrait of inheritance, celebrating the full complexity of what we pass down, in a family and as a country: brutality and justice, faith and forgiveness, sacrifice and love.

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✔ Title: Memphis
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Readers' opinions about Memphis by Tara M. Stringfellow

Naomi Bates
Follow the gripping tale of a detective unraveling a complex web of crime and corruption. The author's detailed writing and intricate plotting make for a suspenseful read. Each clue and revelation adds to the tension, keeping you on the edge of your seat. The characters are well-developed, with motivations that feel real and compelling. The climax delivers a satisfying resolution to the mystery. A must-read for thriller enthusiasts.
Sharman Banks
Experience the inspiring journey of an individual overcoming incredible odds in this powerful memoir. The author's candid and heartfelt writing brings their story to life. Each chapter reveals the resilience and strength of the human spirit. The narrative is both informative and deeply moving, offering valuable life lessons. It's a story that motivates and inspires, making it a must-read. Perfect for those seeking inspiration and personal growth.
Dayne Holt
Experience the profound impact of art and creativity in this beautifully written novel. The author's evocative writing and compelling characters bring the story to life. Each chapter explores the transformative power of art with sensitivity and depth. The plot is both thought-provoking and emotionally resonant. It's a narrative that celebrates the beauty of human expression. Ideal for readers who appreciate stories about art and inspiration.

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