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Review Wonderfully engaging and interactive. ― Gemma, Metcalfe-Beckers, The Mutha.Hood The Big Steps books are a great way of introducing children to different life skills and building their confidence and familiarity with doing them. Watching characters their own age experience different things goes a long way in letting children know that they are normal, healthy and not scary. The children enjoyed pointing to the different pictures, opening flaps and naming objects, which is fantastic for helping to build their vocabulary and prepare them for learning to read. The book is also sturdy enough for enthusiastic hands. Our testers found the little tips at the bottom of the page useful and in one case, they helped to transform a reluctant dresser into someone who is happy to get dressed most mornings! -- Dr Amanda Gummer ― Dr Gummer's Good Play Guide Campbell Books has come up with a range of books to help your little one tackle the milestones of growing up. It’s Big Steps series covers topics such as sleep and fussy eating and of course, in No More Nappies, potty training. Featuring the super-cute Millie and Mo each page follows their progress as they journey out of nappies. It’s a very hands-on board book so little ones can get involved and there are plenty of pockets and gadgets to keep them interested and maybe spark their enthusiasm for the task -- Made For Mums

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✔ Title: No More Nappies: A Potty-Training Book
✔ Rating : 4.7 out of 5 base on (7567 reviews)
✔ ISBN-10: 1509836314
✔ ISBN-13: 9781509836314
✔ Language: English
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