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Sit, Stay, Heal is a heartwarming memoir by Renee Alsarraf, which follows her journey from being a broken, hopeless woman to finding a new purpose in life by helping shelter dogs.

The book revolves around Renee's struggle with mental health and how her life changes when she adopts a pit bull mix named Austin. Austin not only becomes a loyal companion but also helps Renee in her healing journey.

The story is set in California and spans over several years, detailing the various dogs Renee rescued and rehabilitated. The book is written in a conversational tone, making it easy to read and relate to Renee's experiences.

The author shares her motivations for rescuing shelter dogs, citing the high rate of euthanasia and the need to provide them with a second chance at life. Renee's own struggles with mental health also played a significant role in her decision to work with dogs.

Renee is an animal behaviorist, and the book gives a glimpse into her work with dogs, including her methods for training and rehabilitation. She emphasizes the importance of understanding a dog's behavior and history to develop an effective training plan.

One of the notable aspects of the book is how it sheds light on the challenges faced by shelter dogs, including abandonment, abuse, and neglect. Renee's work with these dogs highlights the importance of patience, compassion, and dedication in helping them heal and find new homes.

The book also highlights the role of community support in animal rescue efforts. Renee talks about her collaboration with other animal rescue organizations and the impact of social media in spreading awareness and finding homes for rescued dogs.

The narrative is not just about Renee's journey but also includes heartwarming stories of the dogs she rescued, their progress, and their new families. The stories are told with empathy and humor, making it a delightful read for any animal lover.

While the book centers on animal rescue, it also tackles some significant issues such as mental health, addiction, and domestic violence. Renee's story is a testament to the power of animals in healing and bringing positivity into one's life.

The book's message is clear - rescuing shelter dogs is not just about providing them with a home but also about transforming one's life. It is about finding a purpose, building connections, and giving back to the community.

Overall, Sit, Stay, Heal is a beautifully written memoir that is both heartwarming and inspiring. It is a must-read for anyone who loves animals, is passionate about animal rescue, or is looking for a story of hope and healing.

In conclusion, Sit, Stay, Heal is a powerful book that showcases the transformative power of animal rescue. Renee's story is a reminder that no matter how broken one feels, there is always hope for healing and finding purpose in life. The book is a celebration of the human-animal bond and the positive impact of rescuing shelter dogs.

If you're looking for a feel-good book that will leave you inspired and hopeful, Sit, Stay, Heal is the perfect read. It will make you laugh, cry, and, most importantly, believe in the goodness of humanity.

So, grab a copy of Sit, Stay, Heal and join Renee on her journey of healing, compassion, and love for shelter dogs. You won't regret it!

Details of e-book Sit, Stay, Heal

  • Author(s):
  • Title: Sit, Stay, Heal
  • Rating: 4.9 out of 5 base on 160 reviews
  • Publisher: HarperOne (October 18, 2022)
  • ISBN-10: 0063215225
  • ISBN-13: 9780063215221
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 256 pages
  • Categories: Biographies & Memoirs

Readers' Opinions
Lucy Garraway
I really liked the style of the book. It's easy and fun to read. The best part is, it's filled with actionable tips and examples that show you how to do the job for yourself.
Josephine Alvarez
I usually don't spend a huge amount on a single book. For thirty dollars, I expected more. There was plenty to go here or email for more. But 4/5 for concepts that I think will be useful, even if there seems little hope of gaining a massive following without paying.
Polly Hurlbutt
Very accessible and relevant. It is innovative and very effective.

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