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As God's image bearers, Christian teachers are called to reflect the character of our creative, redemptive God. Teaching Redemptively challenges teachers to incorporate biblical principles into all areas of education, reflecting God's character in both process and content. Teaching Redemptively is one of those rare books that leaves a lasting impact. In a thought provoking and creative way, Dr. Graham captures the very essence of what it means to teach Christianly. This is not just another book on pedagogy; it is food for the soul. Ron Carter, Executive Director, Restoration Academy, Birmingham, Alabama --back cover Foundational and immediately useful, Teaching Redemptively transformed my view of the teacher, the learner, the learning process, and the purpose of education. Dr. Graham applies Christ's work of redemption to all parts of the educational process. Noelle Martell, Junior High Teacher, Lenawee Christian School, Adrian, Michigan --back cover

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✔ Title: Teaching Redemptively
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Readers' opinions about Teaching Redemptively by Donovan L. Graham

Molly Adams
Experience a heartwarming journey of self-discovery and love in this beautifully written novel. The protagonist's struggles and triumphs are portrayed with incredible empathy. Richly developed characters and a compelling plot make the story unforgettable. The emotional depth of the narrative resonates long after the book is closed. It's a touching tale that celebrates the human spirit. Perfect for readers seeking an uplifting read.
Perri Jarvis
Discover the inspiring story of a trailblazer who changed the world in this compelling biography. The author's detailed research and engaging writing bring the subject to life. Each chapter reveals new insights into the person's life and achievements. The narrative is both informative and deeply moving, offering valuable life lessons. It's a story that motivates and inspires. Perfect for history buffs and biography enthusiasts.
Lola Frye
Experience the emotional journey of a character discovering their true self in this moving novel. The author's empathetic writing and rich character development create a deeply resonant narrative. Each chapter explores themes of identity, acceptance, and love with sensitivity. The plot's twists and turns keep you engaged from start to finish. It's a heartwarming and thought-provoking read. Perfect for readers who enjoy stories about personal growth and self-discovery.

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