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Most doctors will tell you that there isn't much you can do to treat atrial fibrillation, aside from taking medications for the rest of your life. Cardiologists and a-fib specialists John D. Day and T. Jared Bunch disagree. Atrial fibrillation strikes one in four American adults. Not only do people suffering from this condition suffer from shortness of breath, fatigue, chest discomfort, decreased ability to exercise and do activities of daily living, arrhythmia, and palpitations, but their risk of a stroke, cognitive decline and dementia, heart failure, or premature death also shoots way up. Today, a whole new body of research—one most physicians are unaware of—shows that biomarker and lifestyle optimization may put half the cases of atrial fibrillation into remission without drugs or procedures. And for those in whom these remedies are insufficient or not tolerated, new procedures, in combination with biomarker and lifestyle optimization, may offer lifetime remission from atrial fibrillation and its devastating consequences. In clear, accessible, patient-centric language, Drs. Day and Bunch share their revolutionary approach to treating atrial fibrillation, developed through a combined 53 years working with a-fib patients. The effectiveness of their plan has been proven through countless medical studies. And now, in The AFib Cure: Get Off Your Medications, Take Control of Your Health, and Add Years to Your Life, they share that plan with you. If you're looking for a drug-free solution to your atrial fibrillation, or have a family history of atrial fibrillation and don't want to suffer the same fate, The AFib Cure is for you. Let The AFib Cure show you how to live longer, healthier, free from medications, and free from the fear of atrial fibrillation overshadowing your life.

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