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Is spiritual travel just astral projection or does God use it today? Many Christians today say they are traveling into the heavens, but others are not convinced that "spiritual travel" is used by God. The reason could be that no one has provided convincing evidence showing how it is different from astral projection. If you’re uncertain whether spiritual travel is used by God or only by the New Age and the occult, this book will help you uncover the truth. The author compares astral projection and spiritual travel side by side. His research suggests that they are not the same thing. He provides a thorough examination of the scriptures which demonstrate that the prophets and apostles have been traveling in the spirit for centuries. Far from being restricted to the occult, spiritual travel is actually a tool that is intended to be used by God to accomplish His divine purposes. With the same down-to-earth teaching style he used in Seeing in the Spirit Made Simple and Divine Healing Made Simple, Praying Medic provides Bible-based teaching, dozens of testimonies and simple illustrations that will help even the least experienced person understand spiritual travel. Exercises are provided at the end of key chapters to help activate your spirit. Traveling in the Spirit Made Simple can help you in the practice of divine healing, deliverance, intercession and many other forms of ministry. But most importantly, it will help you know God in a more personal way. This book is part of a series The Kingdom of God Made Simple — a self-study course designed to train believers to live the life offered to them as heirs of God's kingdom.

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✔ Title: Traveling in the Spirit Made Simple
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✔ ISBN-13: 9780998091204
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Readers' opinions about Traveling in the Spirit Made Simple by Praying Medic

Reeve Adams
Discover the magic of first love and self-discovery in this enchanting coming-of-age story. The author's lyrical prose and relatable characters create a heartwarming narrative. Each chapter explores the joys and challenges of growing up with sensitivity and insight. The emotional journey is both poignant and uplifting. It's a story that resonates with readers of all ages. Ideal for fans of young adult fiction.
Molly Adams
Experience the profound impact of art and creativity in this beautifully written novel. The author's evocative writing and compelling characters bring the story to life. Each chapter explores the transformative power of art with sensitivity and depth. The plot is both thought-provoking and emotionally resonant. It's a narrative that celebrates the beauty of human expression. Ideal for readers who appreciate stories about art and inspiration.
Jaylynn Fernandez
Delve into the dark and twisted world of a psychological thriller that keeps you guessing. The author's masterful storytelling and complex characters create a gripping narrative. Each plot twist is meticulously crafted, adding to the suspense. The tension builds with each chapter, making it impossible to put down. It's a chilling and captivating read that explores the depths of the human psyche. Perfect for fans of psychological suspense.

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